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Siemens RIC BTE Pure 701 XCL Hearing Aids

Siemens RIC BTE Pure 701 XCL Hearing Aids

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Siemens RIC BTE Pure 701 XCL Hearing Aids Video

Siemens RIC BTE Pure 701 XCL Hearing Aids

It hides, you shine. Designed for utmost discretion, Pure packs the most advanced hearing technology into an almost invisible, ultra-small size. Available in three performance levels and in the smallest possible rechargeable RIC (Receiver-in-Canal) and CIC (Completely-in-Canal) configurations, Pure is perfect for those who don't want to be defined by their hearing loss. True stereo sound, delivered right to your ears. Available with Pure 700, 500 and 300, our Tek wireless enhancement system streams sound from wearers' mobile phones, telephones, MP3 players, televisions, and other audio sources directly to their Pure instruments. Equipped with Siemens Bluetooth wireless technology, the Tek Connect remote ensures the most effective streaming functionality available without distortion or audible delay. It also gives wearers direct, one touch access to listening programs as well as volume and treble controls. Tek - it is all wearers need to enjoy a listening experience that's completely in sync.

Siemens RIC BTE Pure 701 XCL Hearing Aids Features

  • Feedback Stopper: Eliminates annoying feedback whistling quickly and reliably.
  • e2e wireless 2.0: wirelessly synchronizes your hearing aids so they are always working together. Volume and program changes made to one hearing aid automatically repeats on the other.
  • Speech and Noise Management: reduces background noise automatically, while isolating and enhancing important speech.
  • The Pure incorporates the latest innovations from Siemens – BestSound Technology – combining science with subtlety and bringing you a listening experience that is perfectly suited to your needs.
  • Designed for utmost discretion, Pure packs the most advanced hearing technology into an almost invisible, ultra-small size. Pure is the ultimate in concealed hearing instruments.

Siemens RIC BTE Pure 701 XCL Hearing Aids Measurements

Nearly Invisible.Complete discrete upto moderately severe hearing loss.
6 channel compression.Automatic and adaptive directional microphone.
Feedback stopper.Data learning.
E-wind Screen for wind noise reduction.
Upto three individual programme.
Suitable for 45dB, 55dB, and65dB Receiver.

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AMIT KR SHASRMA - 22/06/2018 


feed back

I feel haapy with joint yours company

Krishnan - 10/06/2018 


The ankle brace is very effective

I am prone to sports injuries and am constantly in need for something to immobilize the ankle when it is hurt. I tried using a crepe bandage, but that alone is not sufficient. I needed something to immobilize the joint so that it will not hang freely and impede the healing process. The Tynor Ankle brace does the job and does it well. There are stiff supports on the sides that restrict the movement of the joint and prevent overextension. It is a good product and is quite durable. It can be worn o

Balaji - 21/05/2018 


Commode chair

Very comfortable chair but washing is very difficult because of the rod comes in the front side

Sumit Ahlawat - 12/05/2018 


Good product & service

Good quality products with equally good service, I ordered double quantity and they accepted the return without any hassle.

Alpana Chowdhury - 24/04/2018 


Beautiful delivery

The delivery was a great experience. Also customer service and shipment tracking is good. Just you have to repair the Android application already available at play store. Overall, thank you from my heart

Shital Kanitkar - 18/04/2018 


Great product. Bad handling

The item is good. As expected. Delivery took longer than expected. But I''m unhappy about the scratches on the metal legs. It''s to be used in the bathroom. It will rust in places where the paint has got Scratched.

DIPU K S - 08/04/2018 



nice product. looks durable. ordering one more.

Yogesh parmar - 23/03/2018 




G NAGENDRA - 22/03/2018 




Kapil Lodha - 09/03/2018 



Perfectv piece