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Siemens Micon ITE INSIO 3MI Hearing Aids

Siemens Micon ITE INSIO 3MI Hearing Aids

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Siemens Micon ITE INSIO 3MI Hearing Aids Video

Siemens Micon ITE INSIO 3MI Hearing Aids

The ITE Insio MICON 3mi offers proven audiological performance and hassle-free handling hearing aids.  ITE Insio Micon 3mi hearing aids 24 channel with Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and 12 Compression Controls with Twin microphones resolution to offer personalized sound with more frequency shaping and sound cleaning than any other comparable hearing aid in its class.

Insio ITE Micon 3 mi technologies such as the Speech and noise reduction function in 3 steps, Sound Smoothing with on & Off Function, Acclimatization manager, 1 sound equalizer, Micon Learning, Micon fitting Manager, Tinnitus Management and a feedback cancellation system contribute to a convenient listening experience.

Siemens Micon ITE INSIO 3MI Hearing Aids Features

  • Moisture and dust resistance according to IP67
  • Digital signal processing
  • Complete wireless capabilities with e2e 3.0
  • Programmable rocker switch
  • Touch Control App Compatible

Siemens Micon ITE INSIO 3MI Hearing Aids Measurements

Standard Battery Size 13/312.
Fitting Range between 10 - 100dB.
From Mild to Severe Conductive/Sensori-neural/ Mixed Hearing Loss.
Gain Range- 60Db
Max. Out-put Level- 123SPL.
Gain/ Compression/MPO with 12 handling system
Data logging.
Through Battery door on and off function
You can choose your faverates  Colour Brown/white- Brown and Mocha.
Total hearing programs as per your lifestyle - 6
Ergonomic custom design for a perfect fit
Tiny solution for ultimate discretion
Vent with Opti vent option designed for optimum balance between speech understanding and sound quality
Optimized vent shape: for feedback stability and a larger possible vent diameter to reduce the occlusion effect
Automatic vent size detection
Battery door for quick, easy battery replacement
Micon e Windscreen
Micon speech and noise management in 3 steps
Micon sound smoothing
Sound equalizer class 1
Push button optional
Volume control optional
Removal cord

Latest Customer Review

AMIT KR SHASRMA - 22/06/2018 


feed back

I feel haapy with joint yours company

Krishnan - 10/06/2018 


The ankle brace is very effective

I am prone to sports injuries and am constantly in need for something to immobilize the ankle when it is hurt. I tried using a crepe bandage, but that alone is not sufficient. I needed something to immobilize the joint so that it will not hang freely and impede the healing process. The Tynor Ankle brace does the job and does it well. There are stiff supports on the sides that restrict the movement of the joint and prevent overextension. It is a good product and is quite durable. It can be worn o

Balaji - 21/05/2018 


Commode chair

Very comfortable chair but washing is very difficult because of the rod comes in the front side

Sumit Ahlawat - 12/05/2018 


Good product & service

Good quality products with equally good service, I ordered double quantity and they accepted the return without any hassle.

Alpana Chowdhury - 24/04/2018 


Beautiful delivery

The delivery was a great experience. Also customer service and shipment tracking is good. Just you have to repair the Android application already available at play store. Overall, thank you from my heart

Shital Kanitkar - 18/04/2018 


Great product. Bad handling

The item is good. As expected. Delivery took longer than expected. But I''m unhappy about the scratches on the metal legs. It''s to be used in the bathroom. It will rust in places where the paint has got Scratched.

DIPU K S - 08/04/2018 



nice product. looks durable. ordering one more.

Yogesh parmar - 23/03/2018 




G NAGENDRA - 22/03/2018 




Kapil Lodha - 09/03/2018 



Perfectv piece