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Tynor Axillary Crutch Pair
  • Tynor Axillary Crutch Pair

Tynor Axillary Crutch Pair
Tynor Axillary Crutch Pair
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Tynor Axillary Crutch Pair
Tynor Axillary Crutch Pair

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Tynor Axillary Crutch Pair
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Tynor Axillary Crutch Pair

Tynor Axillary Crutch is an aid to be used by a physically challenged, injured, old age person or for post-operative rehabilitation. Made out of a special grade of aluminum to ensure high strength, durability, and lightweight. Height adjustment feature ensures proper load-bearing.

Anatomically shaped, and double molded underarm pad and handgrip ensure ultimate comfort in the underarm/palm. Permits extended use without fatigue.

  • Strong and Durable.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Anatomical underarm pads and handgrip.
  • Anti-slip pods.

Tynor Axillary Crutch Pair Features

  • Special aluminum alloy frame
  • Provides high strength, durability, and stability while walking. It is light in weight and has a nice anodized finish.
  • Anatomically contoured, underarm Pads
  • Ensures good cushioning and enhanced comfort. High in quality, resilient elastomer offers long functional life.
  • Double molded, ergonomic hand grip
  • Broad top enhances user comfort & pleasure. Soft cushioning enhances comfort and reduces fatigue. Durable and resilient material offers long functional life. Rubbery feel, good grip, reduces the chance of an accident.
  • Wing Nuts
  • Provides quick and easy height adjustment. Anti fly off adhesive ensures rigid fastening and eliminate the risk of loosening during long use.

Tynor Axillary Crutch Pair Specifications

  • Gives excellent ground grip and traction.
  • Imitate natural walking movement. 
  • Ensures durability with good wear resistance.

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