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Vissco Venante Back Relaxer
  • Vissco Venante Back Relaxer

Vissco Venante Back Relaxer
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Vissco Venante Back Relaxer
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The Venante Back relaxer/massager is an ideal tool for massaging the back and relieving the spasm and stiffness. It improves blood circulation, relaxes the back muscles and reduces pain

Vissco Venante Back Relaxer is made of soft and comfortable durable material used as padding to relax the aching muscles and sore joints. This also features various adjustments to vibrate to ensure that the pain is relieved from the body while resting on it. This massager is an efficient tool for cervical aches and pains in the back. It is easy to operate the hand switch. It massages Paraspinal muscles (Muscles around Spine) by its rolling action. Infrared heating causes increased blood circulation and muscle contraction which leads to relief of pain. Vibration at the bottom massages buttock area. These wellness Relaxers provide an intense, deep and refreshing massage for your total back in the car, at an office or even at home. It gives Vibration at the bottom and massages the upper middle and lower back.


  • Adjustable Roller Width - The massage roller width can be adjusted during the Rolling massage mode for a more personalized massage experience
  • Light and Portable - The Venante Back relaxer is light and portable, making it convenient for you to take it anywhere and use it at home or office for a back massage
  • Easy control - The Venante Back relaxer remote control is designed for easy operation. It lets you select your desired massage program, vibration massage and heat function with the touch of a button
  • Auto Timer - For optimal benefit, each massage session is programmed to run for 15 minutes. Guarantees to bring a smile

Benefits Of Use

  • 2x2 heads doing massage with 3 programs
  • Provides shiatsu and rolling massage
  • Provides Seat Vibration
  • Can be used in car, home, office

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